Glow Ghosts – Random Toys

Continuing with our collection of Halloween like toys, we’re looking at a little known Glow in the Dark toyline called Glow Ghosts.

pineapple-glow-ghosts-001If you grew up in the 80’s, you probably saw one of the numerous ads in comics and magazines for the Pineapple Kids Club. The items sold in these ads were typically stickers, bracelets and earrings. There were also Glow in the Dark items like balls and shoestrings.



pineapple-glow-ghosts-002One of the Glow in the Dark items was the Glow Ghosts. This was a set of four figurines (3 ghosts and a caterpillar creature) The figures are a little over 2″ tall and are hollow soft rubber. The ad shows a story book included to tell the Glow Ghosts’ story (Unfortunately I don’t have one) You also can see the names of each character in the ad.



pineapple-glow-ghosts-003pineapple-glow-ghosts-004Catcherpillar is the odd one out here. He’s the “villian” sent after the Glow Ghosts by the Evil, Queen of Darkness Spider. He glows green and is sculpted with 6 arms and an eyepatch.



pineapple-glow-ghosts-005pineapple-glow-ghosts-006BooHoo is an orange ghost (He glows yellow though) He’s sculpted looking scared (or maybe crying) and has a clover design on him.




pineapple-glow-ghosts-007pineapple-glow-ghosts-008Baggs is a green ghost who is sculpted as if he’s wearing a very baggy ghost costume. He has a bowtie and buttons painted on him.




pineapple-glow-ghosts-009pineapple-glow-ghosts-010Lastly we have Broozer. He’s my favorite sculpt out of the 4 figures. He appears to be scaring someone. He’s pink/red but glows orange and has a bat symbol painted on him.





The Glow Ghosts are one of my favorite toylines in all. They’re simple, cute and Glow in the Dark. The ghosts appear to be getting harder to find (I got my set 5 years ago for about $30, The ebay search I just made showed each figure selling around $15 – $20) The story book is very hard to find and it doesn’t appear to be any scans of one online. The four figures were released in a couple of different ways (Blister Carded or Boxed) I’ve read stories online of people getting the boxed versions at craft stores in the 80’s. My wife remembers getting one bagged in a cereal box. It appears there are also variants of the figures with no symbols on them. You can tell it’s a variant and not just paint rub as the eyes on the symbol-less figures usually has more paint and larger pupils than the figures with symbols. If you can find any of these figures in the wild, I recommend grabbing them.