GIJCC 2016 Membership Figure: Pythona

We just posted our Mike Power review when the 3 3/4″ GIJCC 2016 Membership Figure showed up on our doorstep! Check out this denizen of Cobra-La, Pythona!

Pythona 010

Pythona comes with figure stand, vine creature, hooded cloak and filecard. The figure reuses a few body parts (I believe the lower torso is ROC Scarlett Reactive armor) The body is made of pink plastic with the circle details tampoed on. This makes for a perfect effect/paint job that is very much like the cartoon.

Pythona 002

The head is an all new sculpt and is highly detailed. I love the intricacies in the sculpt. You can especially see the level of detail in the ears. The paint apps on the head is also very well done. The hair appears like it would restrict the head movement slightly due to the shape it’s sculpted in, however the head itself doesn’t look up or down much.

Pythona 003

The hair piece on Pythona can be removed (in fact it can be removed a little too well as mine kept falling off while taking pictures) The hair piece is attached to the head with a simple plug.

Pythona 004

The reason for the removable hair is so you can pull up Pythona’s hood. I like the fact that we can use the hood, but I don’t think there was enough material for the hood to look right. It’s really hard to get soft goods for 1:18th scale figures right, so there’s some leeway for issues with the cape. Honestly I’ll probably switch out the cape that came with Pythona with a Darth Maul one as I think there should have been sleeves as well. I don’t know if the sleeveless look for the cloak was a cost saving measure or if they were basing it off of the scene in the movie where Pythona reveals Serpentor’s true origins to him.

Pythona 005

Pythona 006

Along with the head, Pythona also received brand new hands. These hands are as expertly detailed as the head and hair and look excellent. I’m sorry that my pictures really don’t do the hands justice.

Pythona 007

The vine creature Pythona comes with is the same piece that originally came with Nemesis Enforcer, but this one is a lighter green and has a nice dark wash over it to bring out the sculpted details. Since there’s a back peg on it, this works well on the back of Pythona’s victims

Pythona 008


Pythona 009

This is the first ever Pythona figure in any GI Joe toyline, and I have to say it’s a very good figure. The sculpting and paint details make this one of the best GIJCC membership figures I’ve ever seen. Fun Pub is definitely going out on top with this year’s membership figures. I do think Pythona could be improved with a different cloak, but that’s not really a big deal. I’m very happy to have another member of Cobra-La to add to my collection.

Pythona 011

Pythona 012