Giant Days #46 – Review (with Preview Pages)

Giant Days is quickly becoming one of my favorite regular series. Of course, I still have a little trouble keeping the names of all the characters straight, but reading every issue has become a treat. I was a little late to review the previous issue, which was really good. However, I’ve managed to get to this one right as it arrived to my inbox.

Giant Days #46

Publisher: BOOM! Box, an imprint of BOOM! Studios
Writer: John Allison
Artists: Max Sarin
Colorist: Jeremy Lawson
Letterer: Jim Campbell
Cover Artist: Max Sarin
Price: $3.99


A thief is targeting the Dark Nebula comic book shop where Esther works, and it’s up to Susan to put her amateur detective skills to work… emphasis on amateur.


Like I said, I’ve begun to really like this book. I’ve got the same feeling that I did when I first discovered Strangers In Paradise. The difference here is that this is a book that doesn’t get too bogged down in the history. It’s also so wonderfully mundane. These characters, all different and unique, lead lives like many people we know. There are issues that peel off and follow one character, but these people have their lives so interwoven that they all get a chance to affect the story.

This one follows Susan playing detective and the art detours into a very film noir style, while retaining the style that Max Sarin uses for the comic. The departure helps bring us into Susan’s overconfidence in her skills. Esther is best used here as a catalyst, since she is a very compelling character that stands out. This almost proves to be a little bit of an undoing for Susan.

The inadvertent innuendos on the fourth page genuinely made me chuckle. John Allison has a very engaging writing style. It seems very natural, almost like actual conversation. I don’t particularly like the resolution of the story, but it is a nice wrap-up to a story that doesn’t need to be too long. Unlike the previous issue, I doubt that there will be too much lasting effect on any of these characters.

Final Rating: 9.0 (out of 10)

Preview Pages: