GI Joe Writer for IDW Under-fire from Fan-base (Updated)

Update: IDW has issued a statement concerning their current GI Joe writer for the mainline book. While the fandom as a whole is united lets point out that Aubrey is a freelance writer and his opinions do not reflect the opinions of IDW. We will continue to support IDW but we will no longer support this book until this has been resolved. IDW seemed sincere with their statement and that is helping to calm the fans and media alike. Our original statement has been amended below. We will stay abreast to the situation and if anything changes we will post it up. 

The current GI Joe writer for IDW has landed himself in some trouble with his fan base. Aubrey Sitterson posted a rather distasteful tweet yesterday and many are vowing to no longer purchase the IDW Comic.

Here is the official statement from IDW:

“It has come to our attention that a freelance comic book writer, whose work includes IDW titles, has expressed opinions on his personal social media account that many find insensitive, divisive, and inflammatory.

IDW in no way condones or supports these personal opinions whatsoever, and recognizes the pain they may cause our readers.

Discussions regarding next steps are underway. We appreciate the patience and understanding of our many fans while these concerns are being addressed.”