GI Joe Toxo Zombie – Random Toys

GI Joe Toxo Zombie – Random Toys

1992 saw one of the oddest GI Joe figures and this week’s Random Toy: The Toxo Zombie! Join us after the jump to take a look at this crazy figure from near the end of the GI Joe 3 3/4″ toy line

Toxo Zombie 001Toxo Zombie is one of 3 figures from the second series of the Eco Warriors sub set. He came carded on the large cardback that was the norm for all sub set figures at that time. It doesn’t photograph well, but all of the orange is actually a bright, neon orange. All of the Eco Warriors figures had this style cardback. The Toxo Zombie only comes with a figure stand and a green water cannon that shoots water like a syringe.


Toxo Zombie 002I LOVE the artwork on the Toxo Zombie cardback. It’s super detailed and about the most grotesque thing I’ve seen on a children’s toy! This is clearly a zombie creature with all sorts of boils and lesions on his mutated, rotting flesh. I never saw this as a kid, but I kinda wish I had. This probably would have been one of the figures I’d buy even though I was getting out of GI Joe by the time this came out.


Toxo Zombie 003The Toxo Zombie figure is styled after the Toxo Viper version 2 figure that came out the previous year in the Eco Warriors sub set. The sculpt has been changed to show that the zombie used to be a Toxo Viper (as mentioned in the filecard) I assume the bright colors were chosen to show the radioactivity of the contaminated Toxo Viper suit (and to complete with other bright toys that were dominating at that time like TMNT or X-Men)


Toxo Zombie 004Like all of the Eco Warriors figures, the Toxo Zombie has color change battle damage on his torso. This color changing paint is basically always seen on the figures at room temperature, you have to hold them under very hot water or a hair dryer to make it completely disappear. It’ll get darker if you hold the figure under cold water or keep it in a freezer.


Toxo Zombie 005Toxo Zombie 006The sculpting on the Toxo Zombie is some of the best from the o-ring days. The insane amount of detail in the card artwork has been replicated in the figure sculpt right down to the missing pinky finger!



Toxo Zombie 007Toxo Zombie 008Unfortunately, the paint job obscures a lot of the sculpt detail on this figure. Here’s a comparison next to a figure I repainted to show off all the sculpt details .




Toxo Zombie 009The Toxo Zombie was also released in China on a Chinese styled Eco Warriors card. It’s almost exactly the same as the US card with a few Chinese characters by the English words. This Toxo Zombie comes with all his normal weapons but also has the Toxo Viper V2’s gun and backpack.



Toxo Zombie 010In recent years, the Toxo Zombie has made a bit of a comeback. In 2011, we got the Zombie Viper which I would assume was an homage to the Toxo Zombie. Then in 2014 Joecon had not one, but two different Toxo Zombies in their exclusive sets. One is a beautiful modern era styled figure and the other is a cute Kreon figure from the GI Joe Kre-O sets


The Toxo Zombie has been one of my favorites since I started recollecting GI Joe’s in the early 2000’s. This figure embodies almost everything a large section of fans hate about the 90’s GI Joe. The bright colors and the idea that a zombie exists in a military sci-fi story are usually turn offs, but this is what drew me to the figure. The super detailed sculpt and sheer absurd awesomeness is the icing on this Toxo Zombie cake for me.