GI Joe Retaliation Wave 3.5 High-Res Images

Look at these beautiful high res images of the upcoming GI JOE Assortment 3.5 (water mark free!!). This will be a hot case Joe fans and if you do not know, you can secure a case right now by clicking HERE!  Thanks to Hasbro for the images and as always, enjoy!

    • Kwinn
    • Budo
    • Data Viper
    • Crimson Guard
    • Cobra Combat Ninja
    • Ultimate Cobra Commander
    • Ultimate Roadblock
    • Ultimate Storm Shadow
    • Ultimate Snake Eyes
    • Ultimate Duke
    • Ultimate Flint
    • Ultimate Fire Fly





03_Budo 04_Budo

05_CobraCommander 06_CobraCommander

07_StormShadow 08_StormShadow

09_Kwinn 10_Kwinn

11_DataViper 12_DataViper

13_SnakeEyes 14_SnakeEyes

17_Roadblock 18_Roadblock

19_Flint 20_Flint 21_Flint 22_Firefly 23_Firefly

24_Cobra_Combat_Ninja 25_Cobra_Combat_Ninja


GIRET-A3494-00001-00112_large GIRET-A3494-00002-00112_large