GI Joe Retaliation Cobra Combat Ninja Review!

Cobra Combat Ninja is the bomb! I know that’s a strange way to start a review but this figure is awesome! What can I say to convene you to buy this one? Read on to see what I think about this new Cobra trooper. 

Combat Ninja you say? Na, this guy is now a Cobra Special Forces member, one you do not want to mess with. In fact, he would destroy you just for glancing at him. The ninja moniker is just that,  a tittle. This will be as close to having a movie accurate Cobra trooper we will get and I am fine with that. I love the fine detail to the uniform and I am a sucker for a Cobra flag. Heck, I am a fan of that rocket launcher and I am pleased Hasbro gave him that piece.

The one thing I do like about this figure is the extra head. It is very possible to set up two types of squads and the second head can be used as the Combat Ninja. I know some feel the head is too small but to me, it looks on par with other figures. He comes armed to the teeth and he sports that awesome Cobra flag. What more can you say about this figure? The articulation is spot on and dare I say near perfect. This my friends is truly a special figure. If there was ever such a thing as a love letter to the fans from Hasbro, this is it. In fact this whole wave is a love letter to us. Pick these figures up people, this is the best we have ever received from Hasbro.

Next up: DATA VIPER!!!

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