GI Joe FOE Striker in Hand Early Look!

A number of the new, upcoming GI Joe products have hit ebay recently and we got our hands on the FOE Striker! Now since this is a pre-production item, there could be changes from this to what we can buy at TRU in the fall.


GI Joe FOE Striker 01

The FOE Striker is basically a renamed AWE Striker that has some newer bits all over it.

GI Joe FOE Striker 02


GI Joe FOE Striker 03

The Rear Platform and Cannon can detach from the FOE Striker and be combined into a gunner’s post


GI Joe FOE Striker 04

The Gas/Water canisters can be easily removed from the new armor piece on the hood

GI Joe FOE Striker 05

Like the Rear Platform, the front armor can be easily removed as well (Both pieces clip to the roll cage)


GI Joe FOE Striker 06

Once you remove those two pieces, you have a fairly normal looking AWE Striker underneath.


GI Joe FOE Striker 07

Since the Forward Armor and Rear Platform appear to be made to fit on a normal AWE Striker, they can easily be used on any of the previous AWE Strikers that have the vintage styled Roll Cage (This excludes the Retaliation Ninja Commando 4×4 and the Joecon Eco Striker as they have a different Roll Cage)


GI Joe FOE Striker 10

There has been a slight change to the Roll Cage in that the hole for the Cannon has been expanded

GI Joe FOE Striker 08

This was done to fit the POC Vamp Cannon that is on the top of the FOE Striker (The Canisters also come from that Vamp)

GI Joe FOE Striker 09

This means the FOE Striker can use many of the POC Vamp’s weapons including the missile launcher and the Cannon support beam

GI Joe FOE Striker 16

Since the Roll Cage and Rear Platform have the same ports, you can also mount the articulated arm onto the Roll Cage with the Cannon attached


GI Joe FOE Striker 11

From the top the FOE Striker looks just like almost all the other Awe Strikers from the 1995 Stargate use of the mold until the POC Awe Striker in 2010 (The Spytroops AWE Striker has the added Sound Attack engine which changes the appearance a bit. This is the 2008 25th Tan one in the picture)


GI Joe FOE Striker 12

There are some difference on the bottom though. The FOE Striker has the CE mark and legal writing that first showed up on the Retaliation Ninja Commando 4×4


GI Joe FOE Striker 13

However if we look at the bottom of the Engine Covers we can see the FOE Striker has the same mold number as the two 25th Strikers and the Stargate use of the mold (M-3902-2) While the rest of the Strikers (Retaliation, POC, Real American Hero Collection & the vintage Eco Striker) all have the mold number M-3902-1.

GI Joe FOE Striker 14


GI Joe FOE Striker 15

Also included with the FOE Striker I got was the clips that attach to the cloth canopy that is used to create the forward observation aspect of the FOE striker. The smaller clips will hook on to the Roll Cage while the carabiner looking parts should clip onto the two poles (which sadly were not included in this auction)


GI Joe FOE Striker 17

The auction also didn’t come with the guns for the figures, which means I didn’t have them to plug into the tiny arms on either side of the Forward Armor, but since they both appear to be reuses of guns that came with both versions of 25th Roadblock, you can plug those weapons in just fine. The arms work great and allow seated figures to be able to fire guns while in the the FOE Striker. This makes the FOE Striker the most heavily armed version of the AWE Striker mold to date (especially if you add in a Vamp missile launcher)


GI Joe FOE Striker 18

That’s our early look at the FOE Striker. While this one didn’t have everything the retail version will come with, it’s enough to make me happy with having bought it and I still look forward to getting the retail one in the Fall (But I am biased as I love the AWE Striker mold)