GI Joe Convention 2015 Souvenir Pictures

Our team in Springfield have snapped a few pictures of the Joecon Souvenirs in the Club’s display cases, Check them out!


Pictures started hitting Facebook in the last hour of bagged souvenirs and now the GI Joe Collector’s Club has the toys themselves on display. Starting off, we’d like to show you the Joecon 2015 Price List that was posted in the GI Joe Discussion Group on Facebook

Joecon 2015 01 Exclusives Price List

Here you can see all the items offered at Joecon this year and Brian wasn’t kidding when he mentioned that you’ll need around $600 just for all of the 3 3/4″ inch products this year! The actual list price comes out to $526 and with the 8.5% tax rate, you’ve got a grand total of $570.71 just for the souvenirs!


Now, for the products themselves. First off we have the Tiger Hawk, a repainted Eaglehawk:

Joecon 2015 02 Tiger Hawk

The Tiger Hawk has the classic Tiger Force deco

Joecon 2015 03 Tiger Hawk


Joecon 2015 07 IG Air Assault

In front of the Tiger Hawk is the Iron Grenadier Air Assault 2 pack The figures are repainted Annihilator’s from 2012’s Joecon. The now have a classic Iron Grenadier black and red deco


Joecon 2015 06 Tiger Helicopter Crew

Next up is the Tiger Force Helicopter Crew 3 pack consisting of Skystriker, Frostbite and Alpine all in Tiger Force decos


Joecon 2015 05 Tiger Sting

The two vehicle/figure sets are the Tiger Sting with Sgt. Katzenbogen (Bazooka)


Joecon 2015 04 Tiger Shark

and the Tiger Shark with Felino (An homage to the Brazilian figure that was a repainted Tiger Force Dusty)


Speaking of homages, it was pointed out last night that there is a nice cameo in the Joecon Convention comic. That cameo was of Gary “Goggles” Head. Fun Pub wanted to do a tribute to Gary and artist Robert Atkins drew “The man, the myth, the legend” himself in a page of a magazine one of the characters in the comic is reading

Joecon 2015 10 Gyre Comic


Joecon 2015 09 Kreo

Rounding out the ARAH souvenirs, is the Tiger Force Kreo set. It has 3 Tiger Force characters and three Iron Grenadiers (one of the troops is cut off the edge of the picture)


Joecon 2015 12 12 Inch

For the 12″ collectors there’s the 12″ Pilot Accessory set in the background along with the 12″ Adventures of African American figure.


That’s it for now, stay tuned all weekend for loads more coverage here and on Facebook!