GI Joe Convention 2015 Souvenir Listings

We now have a solid list of what the exclusives are going to be thanks to the official Con Comic. No images just yet as we will have those tonight. This is what you can get if you’re an attendee:

  • Iron Grenadiers Air Assault Two pack LE 900
  • Tiger Force Helicopter Crew Three Pack LE 800
  • Tiger Hawk LE 600
  • Tiger Shark w/ Felino LE 800
  • Tiger Sting w/ Sgt Katzenbogen (that would be Tiger Force Bazooka!)LE 800
  • Iron Anvil Officer w/ Parachute LE 600
  • Kre-O Six Pack

Now the word on the street is the IG Air Assault pack will be repainted Annihilators, who appear in the Club comic. We first got these back in 2012 and some feel this is a missed opportunity by the Club to give us TARGETS; I’ll take them with ease by the way as I love some Annihilators. Also Frostbite will be making his official debut in the 3-pack and this could be our 13th figure for the FSS 3.0. We will know for sure come tonight. For now check out the images below from the Con Comic and look for official images of all the exclusives tonight. Looks like we are going to have a blast in Springfield!