GI Joe Convention 2015 Hasbro Panel

We’ve got pictures straight from the Hasbro Panel at Joecon in Springfield! Read on to see what new releases are in store for us including a special surprise figure!

The panel starts out welcoming everyone to Springfield and Hasbro talks about making the GI Joe brand branch out with the IDW comics, Kindle Worlds and two app games, Strike and Blocks World

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 01

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As many of us suspected, this year will be a continuation of the 50th anniversary line we saw last year. The line is still a Toys R Us exclusive and we’ll be getting 5 two figure packs, 4 three figure packs and another 2 vehicle two packs!

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 03


The vehicles include “Desert Duel” which has The Cobra Basilisk (A Snowcat repaint) with an Elite Horseman figure and the F.O.E. Striker (Forward Observation Encampment) (an updated and heavily armed AWE Striker) with an IDW inspired Chuckles figure. Desert Duel will retail for $49.00

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“Silent Strike” includes a Hiss & Skystriker vehicles. The Hiss Tank will come with a Hiss Driver and Gunner figures and the Skystriker will come with it’s pilot, Ace and an all new character, Sightline.

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What’s so special about Sightline? Well other than finally getting a whole new character after many years, this will be one of the very few GI Joes ever made to use a real person’s name and birthplace. Sightline is a tribute to the one and only Gary “Goggles” Head! Silent Strike will retail for $59.00

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The two packs will be a few re-releases with a couple of cancelled figures

The Python Patrol Croc Master and Concept Green and Yellow Blowtorch that were to be released in Pursuit of Cobra will come out in a two pack now

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 13


We’ll also see a re-release of the POC Iron Grenadier and Steel Brigade for all of you army builders out there

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 14


And a Sunbow inspired pairing of Storm Shadow V2 and Spirit Iron-Knife! (While these two characters had this appearance in the Sunbow cartoon, they were paired up as rivals many times in those classic cartoons)

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 15


We’re seeing a newly re-decoed Cobra Commander (With two heads) along with a new Shipwreck paired up in this two pack

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 16

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 17


And the final two pack shows us a Shadow Guard and Classic Gung Ho from the concept case!

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 18


The three packs have straight re-releases of fan demanded figures:

This three pack is straight from the DVD Best of set including Cobra Commander with Claw, TV Camera, Cobra Claws Trooper and Jetpack (O-Face) Duke

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 19


For those screaming foul at no Alpine in that last set, fret not true believers! The next set not only has that very Alpine figure, but also includes POC Cobra Shock Trooper and Rock Viper!

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 20


The other two 3 packs include Hit & Run, Zartan & Torpedo in one set and Specialist Dusty, Firefly & Bazooka in the other set.

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 21

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 22


All of the two and three figure pack sets will keep the current retail prices


Kreo is not dead, but Hasbro is uncertain where and how they will be released. There is a SDCC Exclusive Kreo set planned and Hasbro is committed to longevity of the Kreo brand.

Joecon 2015 Hasbro 32


Speaking of SDCC exclusives GI Joe will also have 3 3/4″ sets available.

The “Silent Strike” set will be redecoed and renamed “Crimson Strike” the theme is that Cobra captured a Skystriker and GI Joe captured a Hiss Tank! The Cobra Scythe will include an all new AVAC figure and an Alley Viper Officer while the GI Joe Chimera will include all new Grunt and Steeler figures

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Meanwhile the “Desert Duel” set will be straight re-released, but with two extra figures only available at SDCC. The FOE Striker will include driver, Night Fox and the Basilisk will have a Cobra Air Trooper added to the ranks!

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