GI Joe Convention 2015 Hasbro Gallery- High Res Images

Following the news we posted from the Hasbro Panel, we now have images from the Hasbro showcase. The 2 pack and 3 packs will be a Toys R Us exclusive and the vehicles will be a Toys R Us exclusives as well. We also have the SDCC 2015 IMAGES AND the special TRU exclusive packs with bonus figures. These will only be sold at SDCC through Entertainment Earth. We will get some more high res images of the exclusives in just a bit. For now check them out and a huge thanks goes out to the Hasbro team for bring Joe back out.

Also Kre-O is not dead!! More to come!!

_MG_8845_1024x683 _MG_8846_1024x683 _MG_8847_1024x683 _MG_8848_512x768 _MG_8849_512x768 _MG_8851_512x768 _MG_8852_512x768 _MG_8853_512x768 _MG_8854_1024x683 _MG_8855_512x768 _MG_8856_512x768 _MG_8857_512x768 _MG_8858_512x768 _MG_8859_1024x683 _MG_8860_1024x683 _MG_8861_1024x683 _MG_8862_1024x683 _MG_8863_512x768 _MG_8864_512x768 _MG_8865_512x768 _MG_8866_512x768 _MG_8867_1024x683 _MG_8868_1024x683 _MG_8869_512x768 _MG_8870_512x768 _MG_8871_512x768 _MG_8872_1024x683 _MG_8873_1024x683 _MG_8874_1024x683 _MG_8875_1024x683 _MG_8876_1024x683 _MG_8877_512x768 _MG_8878_512x768 _MG_8879_512x768 _MG_8880_512x768 _MG_8881_512x768 _MG_8882_1024x683 _MG_8883_1024x683 _MG_8884_1024x683 _MG_8885_512x768 _MG_8886_1024x683 _MG_8889_512x768 _MG_8890_512x768 _MG_8891_512x768 _MG_8892_1024x683 _MG_8893_1024x683 _MG_8894_1024x683 _MG_8895_1024x683 _MG_8896_1024x683 _MG_8897_1024x683 _MG_8898_1024x683 _MG_8899_1024x683 _MG_8900_1024x683 _MG_8901_1024x683 _MG_8902_1024x683 _MG_8903_512x768 _MG_8905_512x768 _MG_8906_512x768 _MG_8908_512x768 _MG_8909_512x768 _MG_8910_512x768 _MG_8913_1024x683