GI Joe Con Update: New Images and Info!

The Official GI Joe Con will kick off next Thursday (for attendees) and things are starting to look good! Now there has been a few grumbles emerging from the community (price increases, late registration, etc) but we are here to showcase some goods! While the con is not going off without a hitch we do have some pretty good toys to look forward to. Also take note that the con schedule has been posted and incase you missed it, Hasbro will be showing off new SDCC exclusive?(s) and a new line for Toys R Us. You can check out the complete schedule HERE.

Now onto the toys! Just look at these new heads from Boss Fight Studio and ask yourself, how many do I need to own. Also take a look at the box set as a whole; it looks damn good! Look for our coverage to kick off next Thursday and it will conclude on Monday! Yo Joe!!

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