GI Joe Collectors Club Rock n Roll Revealed and it’s Bad

Okay, I had high hopes for Rock n Roll Version 2 but first glance it looks to be a major misfire. The GI Joe groups on Facebook is roasting this build and for once I agree with them. This figure had such promise and well, see for yourself. 

Now before you ask whats wrong, let me show you what Hasbro had on display a few years (well several) back. 

What we have is a sloppy build, bad paint and just poor execution. I know the Club is wrapping things up but this it the time they should shine! I know layoffs are coming and moral is low but the Collectors Club can go out on top and finish an amazing run as the Official GI Joe Collectors Club. I expect more and I know this is just a preliminary scan/ mock up but wow, come on guys. This figure is crucial in delivering that missing character in the modern line. Let the official Fan Club know how you feel and just maybe we can get this corrected. Credit goes to Just Another GI Joe Show on Facebook for the images.