GI Joe ARAH #214 Review (With Preview)

There comes a book once in a blue moon that will make you shed a tear or two and GI Joe A Real American Hero #214 did just that. This is the conclusion of the Death of Snake Eyes and IDW along with Larry Hama and artist SL Gallant delivered a fitting conclusion to a major story arc in the history of GI Joe. 

G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero #21400001

STORY BY: Larry Hama
ART BY: SL Gallant
RELEASE DATE: Wednesday, June 3, 2015


From IDW Publishing. The end of the road for Snake Eyes … The events of this issue will change G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero forever!


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After the gut wrenching events from issue #213, Snake Eyes is honored in a major way. He bravely sacrificed himself to take out Serpentor and saved the lives of his fellow G.I. Joe team members. Yes Snake Eyes is dead and it appears to be a permanent transition within the GI Joe timeline. The plot is simple and to the point; honor a character that has been the face of GI Joe for 30 years. Like many issues before, this issue is a silent issue. GI Joe team members came out in droves to honor the man he was and we saw the anguish from different perspectives such as Timber and Stalker. Just watching Timber alone brought on the tears. Characters, land vehicles, air vehicles, and sea vehicles all litter the pages within this issue and it works great as we say pay homage to a character many of us grew up with.

IDW presented this issue well and everything falls into place. The art is sharp and the whose who of the GI Joe universe is there. This alone should please fans while trying to spot his or her favorite character or vehicle. While the Snake Eyes we know is gone, there is a new character waiting to take up the mantel by the name of Sean Collins. As IDW wraps up this current arc look for Collins to take the helm and continue the tradition of the character that is being honored. This alone makes this whole event seem real and even though he is taking the mask of Snake Eyes we all know the one true Snake Eyes is gone.


Saying goodbye is never easy and Snake Eyes will be missed. If you read ARAH then this is an issue you do not want to miss. Out of the entire run, this issue falls inline with other heavy hitters such as issue 21, 114, 150 and so on. Pick this up folks as it’s that important of an issue.