GI JOE 50TH Anniversary Hallmark Ornament!!??!!

Okay before I go into a rant lets talk about this news first. Hallmark has announced a special edition G.I. Joe 50th Anniversary Christmas ornament for 2014. According to Hallmark, the ornament will be $19.95 and will be available in limited quantities exclusively at Gold Crown stores during their ornament debut starting October 4th.

I am glad to see someone honoring the GI Joe brand and it’s history. Good job Hallmark!! The ornament is quite beautiful!!

Now onto the rant…..Hasbro, Hasbro, Hasbro how I love you but seriously, where is the proper GI Joe 50th Anniversary celebration?? Fans thank you for the 3 3/4 offerings but the 12″ line kicked off your juggernaut of a brand and all we get is a killer ornament from another company?? I know the powers that be would love to honor the very first action figure but I am sure inner politics snubbed their wishes. That can be the only viable explanation as to why we don’t have anything representing the original GI Joe. Transformers got one hell of a 30th but come on…..this is a milestone, one that will only come once and the ball was destroyed.

Now there is still time and I am hoping Hasbro has something up their sleeves. NYCC is coming up soon so who knows. This is YOUR BRAND! HONOR IT!!