Gentle Giant Teases 2016 PMG Gifts

Gentle Giant has posted a few new teaser images. They are teasing fans with silhouettes of their upcoming Premier Guild Members 2016 Gifts. Gentle Giant offers the Premier Guild Memberships so fans can get exclusive discounts, access to PGM exclusives as well as their pick of a free gift from four choices. Plus PMG Members can pre-order SDCC Exclusives. Overall, the membership is an excellent choice with the collector in mind. 

From the silhouettes, these appear to all be Star Wars related.

  • Jumbo Kenner Han Solo in Carbonite Figure
  • Admiral Ackbar 1/6 Scale Bust
  • Stormtrooper 1/6 Scale Bust
  • Ugnaught 1/6 Scale Bust with C-3PO parts

PMG 2016 Gifts (1) PMG 2016 Gifts (2) PMG 2016 Gifts (3) PMG 2016 Gifts (4)