Gentle Giant Second Look: Jumbo G.I. Joe and Star Wars Figures

What can be said that has not been said already concerning Gentle Giants Jumbo Vintage Action Figures? Well to start off, these are amazing in every possible way! The Star Wars line has done gang busters at speciality retail and joining them will be Jumbo G.I. Joe figures. The Joes made their debut at this past SDCC and fans were ecstatic to say the least. I for one already knew they were coming thanks to the subtle ways of Gentle Giant but SDCC finally offered visual proof.

The other amazing aspect to these figures is they will include their original weapons and accessories. Plus the figures will sport giant O-Rings! No word has been given concerning how many Gentle Giant will produce but I do hope that they will go all the way through to 1985. From what I know, no info was provided concerning the packaging for the Joes. We can only hope we get the same packaging style that Star Wars has.

Not to be outdone, the Star Wars line also had plenty of reveals as well and one must thank the success of the Jumbo Star Wars line as they paved the way for the Joes to take over.

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