Gentle Giant Iron Patriot Statue Preview

Gentle Giant posted a pre-order for a new Iron Patriot Statue. This 1/4 scale statue stands at over 19″ tall and was digitally sculpted by the folks over at Gentle Giant.  The statue is priced at $399 and is due out in the fourth quarter of 2013.

When a challenge comes that’s too much for even the likes of Iron Man to handle alone, Tony Stark calls in the heavy artillery. From the screen to your shelf, it’s the IRON PATRIOT Statue! Digitally sculpted by the master artisans at Gentle Giant Ltd. using the original CGI data from IRON MAN 3, no other collectable can claim to be as screen accurate. Featuring a dramatic pose showing off multiple points of illumination, including the chest-mounted arc reactor and repulsor gloves, this hand-painted limited edition statue comes individually numbered with a matching certificate of authenticity.

Gentle-Giant-Iron-Patriot-Statue-1 Gentle-Giant-Iron-Patriot-Statue-2 Gentle-Giant-Iron-Patriot-Statue-3 Gentle-Giant-Iron-Patriot-Statue-4 Gentle-Giant-Iron-Patriot-Statue-5 Gentle-Giant-Iron-Patriot-Statue-6 Gentle-Giant-Iron-Patriot-Statue-7