Gentle Giant Hinting at New G.I. Joe Collectibles??!!??

There is always a meaning behind every post, subliminal or intentional and Gentle Giant is definitively up to something. Gentle Giant started posting G.I. Joe “vintage” commercials from the 1980’s and it’s a strange coincidence to say the least. Several months ago rumors were floating around that Gentle Giant had won the rights to produce jumbo sized vintage G.I. Joe figures. This company has never come clean concerning this rumor and Comic Con is this week….which tells us that either they like G.I. Joe or they are prepping a major announcement.

Some might think that anyone or any company can post whatever they want BUT trust me, these guys are up to some good and we will find out soon enough. There is way to much of a coincidence with these post folks and I do believe that Gentle Giant is hinting at something HUGE. If and I say this without any conformation, if they do confirm G.I. Joe Jumbo figures this news will rock the foundation of the toy industry to the core and their Premium Guild memberships will see a huge spike. Some think it will be statues but Sideshow has that covered. I guess all will be revealed at SDCC but the anticipation is high and I hope this happens.  They have the means and the experience due to the vintage Star Wars jumbos so who knows……..