Generations Leader Jetfire New Promotional Images

A huge thanks goes out to the Facebook group Transformers Colombia Today for sharing a set of “lifestyle” images of the upcoming Leader Jetfire, showing the removable mask gimmick, as well as an opening cockpit canopy in jet mode. You can get a feel for the overall size of this Transformer and fans are excited. Check out the images below and just know, the wait is almost over!!!

1044283_10152535354082726_194307587266844289_n 1604859_10152535354457726_1012098783698988926_n 10419973_10152535353842726_2836238162584214655_n 10446518_10152535353702726_7915264794752531032_n 10451159_10152535353422726_5974584689706265946_n 10473369_10152535354307726_9220401749976920172_n 10494675_10152535354182726_269692001430967497_n