Garbage Pail Kids Minikins Blind Packs

October brings us many monsters and this October we get a Blast from the 80’s past in the form of Garbage Pail Kids Minikins! Do they stand up to the test of time or should they be put back in the trash?


In the 80’s Garbage Pail Kids sticker/cards were huge! So much so that they branched out into many different forms of merchandise including jewelry, Pop-up toys, Buttons and something called Cheap Toy (with Candy) These were small monochrome plastic figures. Unfortunately I never knew about these as a child and looking at the prices online, I always doubted I’d ever get any. But now Topps has unleashed Minikins upon us!

Minikins are small rubbery figures based on classic and newer GPK’s They come blind packed in bags of 2 or 4 figures. Today we’ll be taking a look at one of the 4 packs.

Minikins Package


The great thing about the 4 packs is that one of the Minikins is visible at the bottom of the package. In this case we see Nasty Nick. Now a lot of people try to feel the figures inside the package to figure out who is in there. There are two reasons not to even try that with these figures. First off, the package also has stickers inside it of all the Minikins included so you don’t want to damage those as they’re really nice looking and the only time I’ve seen GPK stickers with no text or logos on them. The other reason is that the Minikins are inserted into a black sealed bag, then inserted into the main packaging bag so you’re not going to see through the bag and it’s going to be kinda hard to “feel” what Minikin is in there when you’re feeling through two bags and the Minikins are pretty close together.

The back of the package shows all 26 painted figures in the series. It also mentions that there are Rare Blue, Red, Green & Ultra Rare Yellow Minikins. Some of the first wave of packs have also yeilded full Black Minikins. It’s speculated that these are ones that were supposed to be painted but somehow missed that process or some other error.

Minikins List

Now, as I said, when you open the pack you’ll get 4 Minikins (or two depending on which pack you bought) and full artwork stickers for each Minikin in the package. The back of the stickers have the name and number of the Minikin and a paragraph about them.

Minikins Contents


Here’s a closer look at who we got in our pack.

Minikins Nasty NickMinikins Richie Retch

Minikins Stan AliveMinikins Fiery Francis


The Minikins are about the same height and rubbery consistency of the GI Joe Micro Force Figures that came out the past year

Minikins Compare


At $4.99 per 4-pack, Minikins are a cool little purchase that brings back the gross charm of Garbage Pail Kids from the 80’s

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