Game of Thrones, The Hound

Who doesn’t love Game of Thrones? It’s an easy question to answer. The only answer is “nobody”. Even people who don’t subscribe to HBO, finds a way to watch it. When the show launched in 2011, it was an instant hit. With so many characters, its hard to say who anyone likes the best. One of my favorites was the Hound, brother of the Mountain. ThreeZero has announced a new figure featuring this one of a kind badass in such detail, it’s hard to tell these photos aren’t from the set.

Sandor Clegane “The Hound” continues our line of Game of Thrones collectibles! This 1/6th scale collectible, stands approximately 13” (33cm) tall and features new body, developed for this figure. The Hound comes with exchangeable hands, highly detailed armor costume (featuring: Gauntlets, Greaves and Belt Decoration); back and waits belts with scabbards and sheathes for the following weapons: Greatsword; Long Swong; Dagger and Katar.

The Hound collectible figure will be offered for pre-order for a limited time starting from August 18th 9:00AM Hong Kong Time.

Sandor Clegane price at is 195USD/1520HKD with worldwide shipping included in the price.

As part of special threezerostore exclusive offer: we will have Threezero Store Deluxe Pack, featuring The Hound’s signature Helmet head accessory, this pack will be available for 210USD/1635HKD with International shipping included in the price.

1/6th scale Game of Thrones Sandor Clegane “The Hound” collectible details:

13”(33cm) tall articulated figure, with new body specially developed for this figure;
Head sculpt with realistic likeness and rooted hair;
Exchangeable hands;
Detailed armor costume featuring: Gauntlets, greaves, and belt decoration;
Back and waist belts with sheathes for weapons;
Long sword;

* Final product may vary from prototype images.

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