G.I. Joe Toy Fair 2014 Rumor Report

Today has been an eventful day with all kinds of G.I. Joe rumors. Several news outlets are reporting that we will see some G.I. Joe products in NY. As of now I want to head a word of caution as most of these reports are centering on this AP News Report. To me it seems like fans are reaching for the stars with this; nothing has been confirmed by Hasbro.

Now the one thing we do know is G.I. Joe will have a spotlight at this years Toy Fair and the brand is turning 50. This “spotlight” could Intel some plans for 2014 or beyond, no one knows just yet. I do believe their is high fan interest still embedded in this property and it’s frustrating that Joe is silent at the moment. Hopefully Hasbro can relieve some of the stress fans are having but I do not want to get collectors hopes up. We all know that market is changing (for all action figures) and I am curious how G.I. Joe fits in with this. Part of me thinks that the best option we have to see new product is 2015, with the release of the next film.

Rest assured though, next weekend will shed some light on this situation and we will try and get some Intel from Hasbro. Whatever is said rest assured that we will report on it ASAP. If you have not done so, follow us on twitter so you can stay up-to-date with any announcements. If Joe is a no go for 2014 just know that there will be a ton of new and exciting things coming so take a deep breath and relax.