G.I. Joe Silent Interlude 30th Anniversary Hard Cover Preview From IDW

IDW is celebrating the 30th anniversary of Marvel’s Silent Interlude issue from GI Joe A Real American Hero with a special hard cover edition! This will be released tomorrow and we have a special preview below. This hard cover was originally available at SDCC so this is an excellent opportunity for fans to snag one now. I am not sure if there are any differences between the two editions. Still, you must honor and own this amazing story in the rich history of G.I. Joe.

GI Joe Silent Interlude 30th Anniversary Edition
SILENT INVASION! The story that defined a generation-G.I. JOE #21: remastered from the original art and lovingly recolored to the highest of contemporary standards. This wordless issue introduced the world to SNAKE EYE’s mysterious nemesis STORM SHADOW and his ARASHIKAGE NINJA-and they’ve never looked better. Plus-an unprecedented glimpse of Larry Hama’s original layouts and Steve Leialoha’s finishes, and a look behind the scenes of the comic’s creation-and at its enduring legacy!

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