G.I. Joe Retaliation Wave 4 Is Hitting Toys R Us!!

Okay first things first….stop paying Ebay prices for these figures. Instead you guys need to walk, no run to your nearest Toys R Us brick and mortar store and see if they got in some new Joes. It seems Toys R Us is getting in Retaliation wave 4 cases and that means you might be able to score a Night Viper at retail! Reports are pouring in that TRU is getting this wave and people are finding these much desired figures on the pegs. The Night Viper was one of the most desired figures from the line and he became difficult to locate outside of online shops. Included in this wave are:  Jinx, Blind Master and Night Viper. The rest of the case is repacks BUT good repacks such as Lady Jay and Colton. Hopefully you guys have some good luck out there and to see how crazy cool the Night Viper is check out our review!

G.I. Joe Retaliation Night Viper Review