G.I. Joe Retaliation Ultimate Roadblock Review/ Gallery

Our 12th and final G.I. Joe review for wave 3.5 is upon us!! Oh what a happy time we are having! After 2 weeks of all kinds of set backs, pic challenges and so forth we are done! More after the jump!

What are my thoughts on the Ultimate Roadblock figure? This, my friends is the best of the Retaliation movie figures. I had so much fun with this figure and to think, I was leaving the worst for last. I do not mind the movie sculpt on this one and he fits in just fine with my other figures. I am so glad I did not buy the other versions of Roadblock (sorry Hasbro) as this one is indeed the ultimate version of the character. The weapons are awesome and the sculpt is spot on. You can take the vest off with ease and in turn, have a near perfect movie figure. The grappling accessory is unique enough to play with and if you really want to “joe” it up, you can place the gear on his back. He is definitely a fun figure guys so I do recommend him big time. My rating is a 5 out of 5….YO JOE!!


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