G.I. Joe Retaliation Ultimate Duke Review/ Gallery

Okay I have a confession. I told myself I was not going to like this figure because it was a movie sculpt. I was wrong and I admit it. This figure is indeed nice and look at all the gear. He has a weapon for every occasion. Keep reading to see what I think about the Ultimate Duke Action Figure!

First off, he has some articulation challenges. The vest prohibits some arm articulation which in turns, limits how you can pose him with a weapon. As you see in the first picture his arms are a tad funky, especially the right arm. This is a common gripe and I have heard it from a few close friends. Still, this does not destroy this figure but it does hurt his overall score. The other issue concerns his pack in head.

The extra head is a tad too small as well but I do not plan to use it that much, if all. This is the second common gripe I have heard. That is about all the negative things I have to say so lets move on to the positives. The arsenal is the one element that makes him an “ultimate” figure. Like I mentioned before, he has a gun for every situation and more! I remember when it was common to pack 1 maybe 2 guns with a figure (looking at you Star Wars) so it really is a special day when Hasbro gives us something like this.

I am still not a fan of movie based sculpts but this version of Duke is killer.  If your like me and you tend to pass on movie sculpts, you need to get this figure. If anything you will want him for his gear and drone alone. Still, he is an excellent addition to the line and once again, do not pass him up. This is one of the best assortments Hasbro has ever done so make sure you get your fill. My ratting for Duke is 4 out of 5. Check out the gallery and let us know what you think! Yo Joe!!


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