G.I. Joe Retaliation Night Viper Review

Well this is it, the final wave of G.I. Joe Retaliation figures and quite possibly the final wave of Joes for a while. If this is it then I can say thank you to Hasbro for giving us so many cool characters in this line.  One of the most requested figures graced this final series and that figure is the ARAH Night Viper. How does he rate? Keep reading to see what we think.

The one thing I liked about this figure is the fact he kept his original appearance. What I mean is once you see this figure you know he is an update to the ARAH version and possibly one of the finest figure ever produced.  Before Night Viper we got an amazing Jungle Viper that drew a solid comparison to the Night Viper. Many believed this was the modern update to NV and honestly, no one expected Hasbro to release a modern vintage counterpart.

The meat of the figure:

The articulation is what we all expect for a modern Joe and Night Viper has it where it counts. He does sport the double-jointed knee but he does lack the rocker ankles. This is okay though as everything else is up to par. The gear he comes with is spot on and unbelievably, I have heard some fans gripe that he is too weak on the gear. To a degree, I can understand that but to me this is a perfect example of when Hasbro gets a modern vintage figure right. He even sports his iconic Night Vision Goggle that so many fans wanted. In fact, his helmet is damn near perfect. Not only did Hasbro nail the helmet they took it one-step further by allowing it to be removable.

No Night Viper should be without a sniper rifle and he has one hell of a weapon.  Besides his main weapon, he also comes with a standard issues machine gun and a shotgun. The backpack enables you to hold one of the weapons. I chose to store the shotgun there as a main back up if the other weapons were lost in combat, He also comes with a few accessories such as a flash light and knife.

The paint apps on my sample were good. I did not see any imperfections and Hasbro did get the color scheme right. My final thought on Night Viper is this; he is the best figure in this wave (wave 4) and a must have for any Joe fan. Hasbro gave us an incredible figure and an excellent sound off for the Retaliation line. This is not the end but a break I do believe as next year marks the big 50. If you see a Night Viper grab him, if not you will be missing one of the greatest figures in the modern line.

His rating? A solid 10 out of 10

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