G.I. Joe Kre-O Wolverine & Firebat Photoshoot

By now hopefully everyone has seen or picked up the latest G.I. Joe Kre-O offerings. We were blessed with two new sets and this week we are looking at the Wolverine/Firebat set with Recondo, Bazooka and AVAC. This is indeed a wonderful set and one fun build! I know we did not focus much on the figures but rest assured we have something planned for that. For now take a look at one of the best G.I. Joe Kre-O sets to hit the market.


IMG_5426_965x768 IMG_5427_1024x683 IMG_5428_1024x752 IMG_5429_1024x683 IMG_5431_1024x683 IMG_5432_1024x683 IMG_5434_1024x683 IMG_5436_995x768 IMG_5440_1024x683 IMG_5441_1024x683 IMG_5442_1024x683 IMG_5443_864x768 IMG_5444_768x815 IMG_5445_886x768 IMG_5446_1024x683 IMG_5447_1024x683 IMG_5448_1024x683 IMG_5450_1024x683 IMG_5452_1024x683 IMG_5453_1024x683 IMG_5454_789x768 IMG_5455_1024x683 IMG_5456_1024x683 IMG_5457_1024x588 IMG_5458_1024x683