G.I. Joe KRE-O Wave 2 Minifigs Spotlight!

I know these have been out for a while but Hasbro knocked this series out of the park.  Over the next 3 weeks we will spotlight 4 new G.I. Joe KRE-O figures. This week we are looking at Blowtorch, Bat, Major Bludd and Mutt & Junkyard. I really hope this series continues because there are so many characters I would love to see in KRE-O form!  If your still looking for these figures here is a code list for you!

The G.I. Joe Kre-O Series 2 Blind Bags Code List is as follows:

B.A.T. – 58
Land Adventurer – 78
Mutt & Junkyard -79
Flash – 80
Tunnel Rat – 81
Snow Job – 82
Blowtorch – 83
Slice – 84
Dreadnok Ripper – 85
Cobra Eels -86
Dr. Mindbender – 87
Major Bludd – 88

Hopefully you have them all and if not, good luck! For now lets look at the first set of 4 for this week!

IMG_2503_1024x683 IMG_2505_1024x683 IMG_2506_1024x683 IMG_2507_1024x683 IMG_2510_1024x683 IMG_2512_1024x683 IMG_2513_1024x683 IMG_2514_1024x683 IMG_2515_1024x683 IMG_2516_1024x683 IMG_2518_1024x683 IMG_2526_1024x683 IMG_2529_1024x683 IMG_2532_1024x683 IMG_2534_1024x683


Kre-O-GI-Joe-Wave-2-Figures-Lineup-e1378222956312 Kre-O-GI-Joe-Wave-2-Figures-Lineup1-e1378222885653