Here is the second portion of our G.I. Joe Kreo wave 2 spotlight! This time we are looking at Flash, Cobra Eels, Snow Job and an Land Adventurer Team member. These 4 figures were tough finds, especially the Cobra Eels but if you were able to find them then you know how cool they truly are. G.I. Joe might be AWOL in the action figure section but these guys are tearing up the building block sections. Hasbro knocked this set out of the park and I must say, good for them! Kreo is becoming a major player in the toy sections (Toys R Us) and I have hope that other retailers will pick this line up.

We have one more part to do and that will wrap up wave 2 of the mini figures. I really hope Hasbro has something new to show us come Toy Fair and if so, we will be there to report on it. Till then (well next week) Yo Joe!!

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