G.I. Joe Kre-O Mini Figures Wave 3 Has Hit Stores!

According to GeneralsJoes G.I. Joe Kreo wave 3 has hit U.S. Toys R Us stores. This is indeed the first official sighting of this highly anticipated wave of Kre-O figures. In fact I have already called my store inquiring about them (non to be had but they know now that they are shipping). Besides one of the first to break the news, GeneralsJoes also provided us fans the blind bag codes. It does not include all of them but we are smart guys, we can figure out the rest. Here is the code listing:

33501 53 Andrew “Footloose” Meyers
33501 54 Lady Jaye
33501 44 Nunchuk
33501 52 Flight Jet Trooper
33501 03 Polar Assault Eel
33501 05 Tom “Torch” Winken
33501 66 Scrap Iron
33501 51 Carl “Doc” Greer
33501 43 Night Creeper
33501 04 Crimson Guard Tomax
33501 86 Low Light

Oh and that’s not all. The Out Post Defender was found as well. Looks like we will be getting our Kre-O on sooner than we thought. Now all we need is for someone to find that Terror Drome! This does give me some time to figure out where the heck I am going to put these guys but I better hurry……

01-1024x768 02-1024x768 03-1024x768 04-1024x768

Credit: GeneralsJoes.com, WestKoastKobra from HissTank.com