G.I. Joe KRE-O Arashikage Dojo Review AND Gallery!!

Yo Joe! We have a new KRE-O set to talk about. The Arashikage Dojo is the largest set to date and it comes with one major key piece. This is the only set that has the highly anticipated  Hiss Tank. Plus it’s the only way to get The Baroness and Destro. Add those pieces in AND throw in a DOJO….It’s a win-win KRE-O set.

IMG_2554_1024x686 Here it is, Arashikage Dojo in it’s full glory. What we have here is a fully functional playset with a ton of play value.


IMG_2542_1024x683 Here we get a closer look at that front of the Dojo



IMG_2563_1024x683This shot I decided to change the background to ensure non of the colors washed out. I really like the flames at the entrance of the DOJO. The overall look and feel of the set is killer.


IMG_2574_1024x684 IMG_2575_1024x683

Here we get to see some of the goods inside the Dojo. I thought the training dummy was a nice touch and the weapon racks are cool as well. The board is a cool touch as well. I like how Hasbro tried to incorporate NINJA activities in the set. I mean, it is the Arashikage Dojo after all. The front door trap is the icing on the cake for me. When a Joe comes a knocking they better watch out.

IMG_2591_1024x683 IMG_2597_1024x683 IMG_2599_1024x702 IMG_2600_1024x683

IMG_2605_1024x619 IMG_2607_987x768 IMG_2608_1024x683


IMG_2611_1024x731As you see one of the walls has a break away feature. Perfect for when Snake Eyes wants to stop on by for a visit.

IMG_2615_1024x694 IMG_2616_1024x683 IMG_2617_1024x683 IMG_2618_1024x683This set also includes a light. Push the button and there you go! I think it sets the set off to a degree and this is a great feature built into the set. Besides the sword you have another surprise…….

These darn Ninjas have hidden jems!!

IMG_2535_1024x630 IMG_2539_1015x768 NOW For the main event!!!

IMG_2551_1024x764The Cobra Hiss Tank is one amazing piece to the set. This my friends was a fun build. I have to admit though, starting out it looked nothing like the tank. After a while you can see how all the parts fit and before you know it, you have a Hiss! The canopy opens up and you have a movable gun turret. The kicker is the back hatch that opens to reveal an extra gun turret. Even the Baroness can man this battle station. The movable treads are a nice touch and a lot more than what I was expecting.

IMG_2565_1024x683 IMG_2567_1024x683

IMG_2570_1024x683 IMG_2622_807x768 IMG_2623_1024x689 IMG_2629_1024x683

IMG_2624_1024x683 IMG_2627_1024x683  IMG_2631_1024x683 IMG_2633_1024x683Destro has a stack of money in that case so do not be fooled….IMG_2642_1024x632

IMG_2643_1024x683As far as Mini figs go, this set includes 6 KREON figures. Here is the breakdown:

  • Baroness
  • Destro
  • Snake Eyes and Timber
  • Grey ninja #1
  • Grey Ninja #2
  • Hard Master

You also get a motorcycle, Hiss Tank and the full DOJO and shrine temple. All in all this is one hell of a set. Thank you Hasbro for another awesome KRE-O set! I cant wait to see the next wave!! This set gets a 5 out of 5 for being so awesome!! Right now Toys R Us is the only place for G.I. Joe Kre-o So head on over and get your KRE-O on!!



Here is the full photo shoot in all it’s glory. I was unsure if I wanted to post it all but hey, why not. This is one heck of a toy after all.

IMG_2640_1024x683IMG_2535_1024x630 IMG_2539_1015x768 IMG_2542_1024x683 IMG_2545_1024x683 IMG_2547_1024x683 IMG_2548_1024x683 IMG_2549_1024x683 IMG_2550_1024x683 IMG_2551_1024x764 IMG_2553_1024x683 IMG_2554_1024x686 IMG_2555_1024x749 IMG_2556_1024x683 IMG_2557_1024x683 IMG_2559_1024x714 IMG_2560_1024x683 IMG_2561_1024x683 IMG_2563_1024x683 IMG_2565_1024x683 IMG_2567_1024x683 IMG_2568_1024x683 IMG_2570_1024x683 IMG_2571_1024x683 IMG_2572_1024x737 IMG_2574_1024x684 IMG_2575_1024x683 IMG_2577_1024x683 IMG_2579_1024x683 IMG_2580_1024x683 IMG_2581_1024x683 IMG_2591_1024x683 IMG_2597_1024x683 IMG_2598_1024x683 IMG_2599_1024x702 IMG_2600_1024x683 IMG_2601_1024x762 IMG_2605_1024x619 IMG_2607_987x768 IMG_2608_1024x683 IMG_2611_1024x731 IMG_2615_1024x694 IMG_2616_1024x683 IMG_2617_1024x683 IMG_2618_1024x683 IMG_2622_807x768 IMG_2623_1024x689 IMG_2624_1024x683 IMG_2627_1024x683 IMG_2629_1024x683 IMG_2630_1024x683 IMG_2631_1024x683 IMG_2633_1024x683 IMG_2640_1024x683 IMG_2642_1024x632 IMG_2643_1024x683 IMG_2644_1024x683