G.I. Joe Data Viper Review/ Gallery

What a labor of love this figure has been; both shooting and displaying. You see, we were not supposed to get this figure. Hasbro cancelled him a year or so ago along with Kwinn. We first saw him in 2010 I believe and ever since, he has been on most collectors most wanted list. Now we have him so keep reading if you want to know what we think here at Needless. 

This my friends is perfection. I am still flabbergasted that we got this figure and I am so thankful for it. Data Viper has a stormy history and one people need to know about. He was cancelled a few years back and we all thought we would never see him at retail. If your a Joe guy more than likely you have seen Hasbro’s cancelled case at cons. There is so much goodness that never made it out and he was in there. Fast forward to this year and the powers that be made it happen. Data Viper found a slot in the Retaliation line and the rest is history.

Guys this figure is incredible. The detail is spot on and the articulation is there. He comes with a ton of gear which includes a drone and heck, you cannot beat that. He is easy to set up and display but know he is a tad top heavy. Still, that’s the only thing I can say that would be construed as negative.  He is damn near perfect. I know we promised this figure a while back but trust me, the work we put into the pictures are well worth the wait or we hope to think it is.  If you see him grab him or you will forever hate yourself for missing out. My rating would be a 5 out of 5! Yo Joe!!




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