G.I. Joe Crimson Guard Review!

Continuing our look at the latest G.I Joe releases, we are pleased to present you all the new Crimson Guard. I must say I was a tad skeptical of another CG but after this review I might have a change of heart. To find out what I think stay with us after the jump.

First impression? This is an exceptional, well done figure. I figured having another CG would, well, be boring but I was wrong. This is  the Ultimate CG if there ever was one. The detail is awesome and you have an option to change his rank and affiliation. Included with the figure is a sticker sheet that you can use to do just that; Ingenious I say! This version comes armed to the teeth and you can actually put his sword in his sheath.

His construction is up to par and his paint apps are good. The thing that won me over was the vest and overall look. If you find him at retail buy him. This might be our last chance at a near perfect Crimson Guard. A solid 5 out of 5.


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