G.I.Joe Classified 6″ Figure Revealed

Well the cat is out of the bag and the GI Joe 6″ line has been revealed, well sorta. The images that hit online centers around an exclusive Snake Eyes. Could this be the rumored exclusive for SDCC? We will know this weekend for sure but the most important part concerns the figure. Holy smoke is Snake Eyes hot! Just look at all those accessories! He is not your typical “Marvel Legends” styled figure, that’s for sure. Snake Eyes reminds me of a one 12 scale figure/ While the articulation is on par with Legends, it just seems better!

Per TNI: 

Additional out of package images have been added via ponkung.

He breaks the figure down with the following articulation:

– Ball Joint Head
– Hinge Neck Peg
– Ball Lower Neck
– Ball/Disc Shoulders
– Butterfly Shoulders
– Double Hinge Elbows
– Ball/Disc Hands
– AB Crunch
– Ball Waist
– Ball with Swivel Thigh
– Double Hinge Knees
– Swivel Boots Top
– Ball/Rocket Ankle

-Backpack has another hole to hold sword sheath.
-Sword sheath can also attach to Snake Eyes’s back.
-Silencer can be used with both pistol and submachine gun.

Good god he is awesome! All questions should be answered this weekend!!