G.I. Joe Card Art 1982!

I wanted to post something special today and if you know me it will be centered around G.I. Joe. With the vast success of the 25th line and the follow up lines I wanted to showcase what started it all. Most of us know that Joe will be taking a small break but know, they will be back as next year marks the 50th anniversary. What a time we will have as collectors and I hope Hasbro gives us something worthy of such a milestone.

The one thing that make G.I. Joe so special is the unique art work. The art work sparks nostalgia like never before and I do believe this was one of the main driving forces behind the 25th overall appeal. Kids from the 80,s jumped at the chance to own their favorite figures again and I was one of them. twice a month I will feature something unique to the line (review, picture gallery, links, ect). All of this will be a build up to next year.  This portion covers the very beginning and we are looking at the card art from 1982. I hope you all enjoy this walk down memory lane and if you have these in your collection then smile. I personally have most of these on 25th cards but as we all know, not all of them came out (looking at you Zap).

**Note** The cardback for the Cobra trooper is from 1983. I did not have a picture of the 82 cardback for this story.

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