Funko Toy Fair 2014! GOT Series 2 & MTG Legacy Figures!

Funko gave us something wicked cool this year; Legacy figures! Series 1 of Game of Thrones is now hitting Barns and Nobles and will begin to flow to other stores soon. For your pleasure we have images of series 2! Also shown was the first series of Magic the Gathering. Check them out!


101_1960 101_1961 (1) 101_1961 101_1962 101_1963 101_1964 101_1965 101_1966 101_1967 101_1968 101_1969 101_1970 101_1971IMG_4144_1024x683 IMG_4145_1024x683 IMG_4146_1024x683 IMG_4147_1024x683 IMG_4148_1024x683 IMG_4149_1024x683 IMG_4150_1024x683 IMG_4151_1024x683 IMG_4152_1024x683 IMG_4153_1024x683 IMG_4154_1024x683 IMG_4155_1024x683 IMG_4156_1024x683 IMG_4157_1024x683 IMG_4158_1024x683 IMG_4159_1024x683 IMG_4160_1024x683 IMG_4161_1024x683 IMG_4162_1024x683 IMG_4163_1024x683 IMG_4164_1024x683