Funko SDCC 2016 Exclusives wave 5 & 6

Funko has released more images and info for their next waves of exclusives. Right now we have waves 5 and 6 up on the site. I know many have asked if we will see some of these exclusives at retail. As of right now we are assuming the non numbered exclusives could be available at retail. This would be in the same format as last year. Just remember the numbered exclusives will ONLY be at SDCC and the remaining is up to Funko. For now check out the images and build that shopping list.

7649_Chef_Deadpool_Dorbz_hires_82d7d6d8-8935-4d5c-b926-3acacbff813b_large 9484_Arrow_MalcolmMerlyn_GLAM_HiRes_large 9495_Hair_Bear_Bunch_Hair_Bear_Brown_GLAM_HiRes_large 9500_NBC_PajamaJack_GLAM_HiRes_large 9831_BvS_Doomsday_6in_POP_GLAM_HiRes_large 10574_Hair_Bear_Bunch_Hair_Bear_Blue_GLAM_HiRes_large 10575_Hair_Bear_Bunch_Hair_Bear_Purple_GLAM_HiRes_large

7493_Deadpool_Cowboy_hires_large 7608_1966_Chrome_Batmobile_RIDE_GLAM_HiRes_large 9490_FNAF_golden_Freddy_hires_large 9491_The_Flash_Gorilla_Grodd_6in_GLAM_HiRes_large 9545_GOT_3PACK_LICEN_DORBZ_hires_large 10117_Banana_Splits_Bingo_Dorbz_Ride_hires_large 10119_Banana_Splits_Snorky_Dorbz_Ride_hires_large Wolvering_pkg_print_120808