Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2014 ANNOUNCEMENT #6!

Funko continues to kill the SDCC announcements with yet another set of awesome reveals. This time Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Ponies and Legacy takes center stage. Check out the reveals below and would someone please pick us up a Hershel? He keeps loosing his head.

Did something go wrong in the lab? Walt is GLOWING!

Looks like Jesse could use some ice!


We know Comic Con is exciting, but don’t lose your head over it, Hershel!

This Hershel figure has a removable head!

We didn’t want the White Walkers to sneak up on you… so we made them glow!

DJ Pon-3 and Spitfire like you’ve never seen them before!

Some more cuteness to add to your My Little Pony collection!