Funko Rocking it With Hikari & More at NYCC 2014

Okay so we have one more gallery sent in from Adam McIver, and this one covers the highlights from Funko. As you see the Hikari is becoming more popular everyday and Groot is going to have plenty of releases. Some of these will be Asia/ Mindstyle. From what he said all the Hikari product that’s not Groot is POP! Asia exclusive product. I am thinking one of the Groots will be a Funko exclusive and the variants will be exclusive to POP. More on that when we get it.

Also the Tomorrowland ReAction could be a very limited exclusive or part of a pre-release. Not much to go on with that. Enough of me blabbing, check out the images!

IMG_0195 IMG_0540 IMG_0951 IMG_2630 IMG_3076 IMG_3781 IMG_4649 IMG_5345 IMG_7433

Also here is one of my favorite images from NYCC…..Zatanna from Kotobukiya! Yeah I know it does not fit in here but this is one I want the most so I figured why not share it! Check her out!!