Funko ReAction Rocketeer Review

Funko recently released the newest figures in their retro styled ReAction toyline. Today we’re taking a look at Pilot Cliff Secord also known as The Rocketeer!


Reaction Rocketeer 01 MOCReaction Rocketeer 02 Cardback

The front of the package has the movie’s poster artwork on it while the back shows a still from the movie and a picture of the toy showing that the backpack and helmet can be put on the figure. I love the artwork they used for the front of the card. This is one of the nicest looking carded figures I’ve seen in a while.


Reaction Rocketeer 03

The figure for Cliff has the basic Rocketeer look to him, but the sculpt feels really soft with minimal details. The face is pretty generic as well. The back features two different sized pegs to attach the jetpack to.


Reaction Rocketeer 04 Accessories

Here we see the removable helmet and jetpack. As you can see, all of the missing sculptural details from the figure were apparently used on the accessories. Both the Helmet and Jetpack look like miniature replicas from the movie including the gum Peevy uses to patch a bullet hole on the Jetpack.


Reaction Rocketeer 05Reaction Rocketeer 06

Both the helmet and jetpack fit on the figure well. The jetpack is nice and tight (I can see the paint getting worn off of the pegs on Cliff’s back though) The helmet just sits on Cliff’s head but you can press it down a bit and it’ll stay on with minimal jostling.


Reaction Rocketeer 07 Flying

Now the figure only has 5 points of articulation, but due to the way the helmet is sculpted, you can tilt it back a little to simulate Cliff flying as the Rocketeer (Just ignore that little bit of his chin that’s peeking out there)


Reaction Rocketeer 08 Flying

Same pose, different angle and that chin disappears!


Reaction Rocketeer 09 Flag

This is the first 3 3/4″ Rocketeer figure released and while the accessories are definitely awesome, I’m sad I can’t say the same about the figure. I enjoy the classic 5 POA type of figures (Even though I’m usually an Articulation Nazi) but those classic figures (and the Aliens toys also in the ReAction line) have a level of detail in their sculpts that I’m not seeing in this figure. The proportions seem off and the sculpt is soft to the point that you don’t see as much detail as you normally would. If the figure were sculpted like the accessories were, I’m sure this would be a completely different discussion. As it is, I fully recommend this figure for the accessories or if you just want a small Rocketeer to stand on a shelf somewhere.




For those that are picking this figure up for the accessories, here’s a few things I noticed while working on my own custom.

Reaction Rocketeer 10 Custom

The backpack is a super easy mod. I cut the peg out of a 25th Anniversary GI Joe Backpack (I used Arctic Snake Eyes because the peg is thicker inside the backpack) I then pushed the peg into the backpack hole and was able to put the backpack on a Crimson Guard figure (I would advise to find a backpack that fits your base figure first. I did not do that and after cutting the peg out I found out it’s kinda loose inside the CG’s back hole)


Reaction Rocketeer 11 Custom

Now comes the easy part right? Not as easy as I thought, the helmet is too large for the Fred head on the CG body….


Reaction Rocketeer 12 Custom

…but it works great with a larger head like Ripper. I didn’t have any Breaker heads laying around to try out on but I imagine his head would probably be a good fit and would look more like Cliff than Ripper’s head does.


Like I’ve said multiple times, the accessories are top notch. They’ll work great for any Rocketeer customs