Funko POP Fans, Relax…..Ellie Sattler Will be Coming

Fuko POP fans have been very vocal about a certain Jurassic Park character that is MIA in the initial lineup. Many are stating that this is a pure oversight from Funko and I am here to tell you to calm down, take a breath and relax. We will be seeing Ellie Sattler sooner than latter. In fact, we have only seen an unofficial list for the Jurassic Park figures. We need to take in account exclusives, such as store exclusives, specialty exclusives and more. Just because she is not on the initial list does not mean we will not see her! If she fails to make it into the exclusive category, she could very well be slatted for series 2! My point to this is just relax gang and wait for the official info from Funko. Here is the preliminary list: 

Dr. Ian Malcolm – $14.99
Dr. Alan Grant – $14.99
John Hammond – $14.99
Dennis Nedry – $14.99
Velociraptor – $14.99
Dilophosaurus – $14.99
Tyrannosaurus Rex – $14.99
Jurassic Park Jeep Vehicle – $34.99