Funko Legacy Firefly and Rocketeer Action Figures High Res Images

Funko finally revealed the Firefly Legacy figures and after a year, they were worth the wait. Seeing this assortment in person was awesome and knowing that these figures are coming sooner than latter made this fan/ reporter happy. While Toy fair might have been slim on new products, these made me smile! Also joining the Firefly crew is the Rocketeer! He seems to be getting more fan likes than Firefly but trust me, this is A okay! Both lines are super articulated and look for an exclusive Jayne from Diamond Comics this Summer. You know, the Jayne with the iconic hat. You know the one….

For now enjoy the High Res images of these figures and look for more information down the road! Funko for Life!!

4788_Malcolm Retnolds 4789_Jayne Cobb 4790_Kaylee Frye 4791_Hoban Washburne 4792_Zoe Washburne 5255_Rocketeer