Funko Legacy Collection Rocketeer

Funko’s Legacy Collection just released it’s latest figure, The Rocketeer! Is this 6 inches of plastic rocketing to the top or is it leaking jet fuel everywhere? Read on to find out!


Funko Legacy Rocketeer 01

The packaging is the typical Legacy Collection window box using graphics we’ve seen on the Reaction figure Funko made. The back of the box also features a still frame from the movie.


Funko Legacy Rocketeer 02

Right out of the box we have Cliff Secord already wearing the jetpack

Funko Legacy Rocketeer 03

The face feels kinda generic. The Firefly figures from Funko’s Legacy Collection appear to have the actor’s likenesses down pretty well, but this figure doesn’t look like Billy Campbell to me (Perhaps it’s supposed to be closer to the comic than the movie)

Funko Legacy Rocketeer 04

The iconic helmet is included in the package. Unfortunately, the helmet is sculpted as a spare head so you have to take Cliff’s unmasked head off and replace it with the helmet. This probably allows the helmet to be a bit smaller and more streamlined, but I’m not a fan of this practice, I’d prefer to have a helmet that fits over the head.

Funko Legacy Rocketeer 05

Be warned, when you go to remove the Cliff head, you’ll probably pull out the dumbbell neck joint as the neck seems to be slightly softer plastic than the head. Just heat it up a bit and grab a pair of needlenose pliers to get the ball joint out of the head.


Funko Legacy Rocketeer 06

The jetpack is highly detailed even going so far as to sculpt the small fan under the circular grill in the middle of the jetpack (most toys just have the grill sculpted) As with all Rocketeer jetpacks, there is a bit of gum on it as well. The only downside to this jetpack is that it’s permanently attached to Cliff’s back. So you’re basically only going to have a Rocketeer figure, no Cliff Secord figure (Though most of us will only want the Rocketeer anyway)


Funko Legacy Rocketeer 07

Cliff also comes with a pistol. The gun fits nicely in his hand and while it can be removed easily, it doesn’t try to fall out of his hand either.


Funko Legacy Rocketeer 08

The articulation on this figure is really good. He has the double ball jointed neck we saw along with Swivel/Hinge Shoulders, Elbows & Wrists. There’s a low-mid torso joint, ball jointed hips, swivel thighs, double jointed knees and swivel/hinge ankles.

Due to the sculpting of the shoulders, the articulation is hindered a bit (The shoulders are squared off somewhat) The low-mid torso joint works superbly. The front panel of the jacket is a separate soft plastic piece that extends below the waist line so it effectively hides most of the torso joint. The edge of the joint is made from the straps coming from the jetpack so the torso looks natural in most every position.

The swivel thighs are probably the worst of the joints. The thighs are made from a softer plastic and it appears that they have a peg going into the waist to create the swivel joint. Since the peg is also made from the softer plastic, turning the joint makes it feel like you’re ripping the peg. In fact while writing this review, the left thigh finally released so at least one of the joints actually turns now (One can probably put the Rocketeer in the freezer for a bit to harden up the thighs so you can get the joints to release if they’re stuck)

Funko Legacy Rocketeer 09

The other problem with the articulation I have is with the neck joint. Due to the way the helmet is sculpted, you can take full advantage of the double ball joint to have the Rocketeer look down with a great range of motion….unfortunately, the same can’t be said about looking up (Which is what a Rocketeer figure should be able to do) The figure can look up enough to look good while standing on the ground but the head can’t look straight up which would look great while flying.

Funko Legacy Rocketeer 10

Funko Legacy Rocketeer 13


Funko Legacy Rocketeer 11

So after weighing all the pros and cons I’m still happy to have the figure. The helmet head looks great on the figure and the articulation allows you to recreate a few key scenes from the comic and movie. The detailing is very good as well. The Cliff head is a waste in my eyes and I wish the jetpack could come off along with the figure having the ability to look straight up. For $20 I would have liked a bit more with this figure, but at least it is very nicely detailed.


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