Funko Aliens Day Announcement

The Funko Blog has a Funko Aliens Day announcement to go with the rest of the Aliens Day celebrations, This one includes some items from both the Reaction toy line & the Pops line!

To start off the Funko Aliens Day announcement, Funko is showing off a Reaction: Aliens 3 pack! But this isn’t just 3 figures in space suits or anything like that, This is the holy mother of all Aliens battles……Ripley, a Power Loader and the Alien Queen! The three pack of awesomeness is slated to be released in August and appears to be packaged in a window box with flap much like the box the Jaws shark came in.

Funko Aliens 02


And to continue the theme started with the Funko Aliens Reaction three pack, we have two new Pops! The first is Ellen Ripley making her Pop debut wielding a Pulse Rifle and next to her is a new 6″ super sized Alien Queen! The two new Pops are also slated to be released in August

Funko Aliens 01