Free Comic Book Day 2016 At Borderlands

This year, I did something for Free Comic Book Day that I haven’t done in a long time. Borderlands, in Greenville, SC graciously hosted me as one of their artists doing free sketches for customers as part of their Free Comic Book Day celebration. It was nice once again to visit the shop and see how another store does this celebration, since I’ve spent the last two years closer to home, and not as an artist.

Borderlands actually opened early, which was great, since they, like most shops on Free Comic Book Day, had a line of people there to get some comic books for free. Like many shops taking advantage of the industry holiday, Borderlands also had a lot of sales going on to turn the people there for free comics into new customers. Inside the store, the line to the free comics wound between the new issues, graphic novels and toys, all at 20% off. Before getting to the two racks of free comics, customers were teased with back issues at 40% off, and a large number of boxes of comics at 2 for $1.00. Whenever I ventured inside, the line to the register was always several people deep and stretching towards the door.


Customers were limited to six free comics, plus one that had a special coupon inside. No one seemed to mind this, especially since the artists outside were also providing free sketches in addition to offering exciting things to sell. Like many comic shops, Borderlands used the occasion to benefit the community. A local Blood Bank, the Blood Connection, was there to take donations, which many were happy to take the time to give blood.

There were many cosplayers there as well, adding to the fun atmosphere. Spotted were Spider-Gwen, the Hulk the Punish-her (a female Punisher), Magik, Captain America, Batman, Green Arrow and Nova. In no time at all, five o’clock passed and my fellow Charlotte area artists and I had to leave, but not before taking the time to thank the fine people at Borderlands for having us and treating us so nice. We all did a lot of sketches for people ranging from characters from Plants vs. Zombies to Pennywise from the film It.

For photos of the event, I would recommend the great album put together by Sean Green on Facebook.

Next year, be certain to find a shop that does this much fun stuff to celebrate Free Comic Book Day.