Free Comic Book Day 2014- Rebel Base Comics and Toys!

Oh what a day we had. So many people and so many free comics. If you ever wanted to go to an event such as this, you should have stopped by Rebel Base Comics and Toys!The sale was awesome and so was the staff (heheh, I was part of the staff…) but seriously, I hope you all made it to your favorite shop no matter where you live! This, my friends is a “holiday” for us, the lovers of geek memorabilia and of course comics.  Friends can be made and awesome times to be had. I know that sounded cheesy but it’s the truth. Next year you must go and see this for yourself. Free Comic Book day is always fun and will surly put a smile on anyones face, young or old.

Here are a few shots from the cosplayers! We had the 501st and a surprise guest, DEADPOOL! Plus we had many more to show up in full costume. Next year go to the event and have some fun! And speaking of Deadpool, we will be running a special cosplay segment tomorrow featuring Todd Lacey and his incredible costumes. Look for it latter tomorrow!

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