Flash Of Two Worlds Review (The Flash, Season 2, Episode 2)

This season of The Flash looks to be one with plenty of Easter eggs for comic book fans. Already two episodes in and we have had Atom Smasher, Jay Garrick and references to numerous other comic book characters. This week’s episode “Flash of Two Worlds” was ripe with references to various comic book stories.

Flash Of Two WorldsSand Demon, the villain in this week’s episode, was reminiscent of Sand from the Justice Society and was a very good villain that gave both Flashes a chance to shine. Patty Spivot is a refreshing character that appears to be everything that she gives on the surface. However, her ulterior motive for wanting to be on the police meta-human task force had to be dragged out of her by Joe West.

For me, it wasn’t until the last third of the episode that the geek in me really started to squee. The obvious placement of the re creation of the classic “Flash Of Two Worlds cover was superbly done. An obvious nod to fans the reference to Jason Woodrue was perfect, although whether or not we will actually see the Floronic Man make an appearance is unknown.

It was nice to see a nod to the shared universe of The Flash and Arrow with Green Arrow’s public statement making the news in Central City. I worry that Earth 2 is being made far too different from Earth 1. References are being made to a vastly different history for that world. Hopefully we will also see references to other heroes on Jay Garrick’s world as I would like more heroes to be shown other than transformed into villains.

Spoilers Ahead!

The final scene looks to be either from the future or from Earth 2. My money would be on Earth 2, as it’s apparent that the elimination of the reverse flash does not change the past on Earth 1 since Harrison Welles creations have not unravelled, such as Barry’s mom still being dead. Therefore, we can assume that his killing and assuming of the original Harrison Welles identity still leaves that man dead.

Am I as ingrained in the new season of The Flash as I was in the first? Probably not as much, but I am still more involved. The show looks to be developing quite nicely. However, it looks to be going into a monster of the week mentality with the stories. With no clue yet as to the identity of Zoom, then we don’t have an overarching story that is uniting these episodes. Perhaps the quest to get Jay Garrick back to Earth 2 will provide that and at the same time give us the kick start to have a Flash/Zoom confrontation.

The 52 portals to Earth 2 was a very nice touch and hopefully some of these portals will not be just to Earth 2 but to some of the other worlds in the multiverse, giving us views of other characters from other earth. Perhaps a Blue Beetle from Earth 4 or a Johnny Quick from the Crime Syndicate of Earth 3 could emerge from these portals. I would doubt very seriously that we would get Captain Marvel or any other high-profile DC character, but this might also give us a view of Earth Prime in an episode that could have fun with the concept that The Flash actually is just a TV show conceived by someone on Earth Prime.

I will continue to watch religiously and see who else comes over to our world.